Monday, June 25, 2012

What should we do with all those random small toys?

Have you ever cleaned the living room, kids room or any room in the house and found a ton of small toys or small items that who knows what board game they belong to or what toy they belong to???
I HAVE! ...Your first instinct may be to get rid of them, but WAIT! You should do what I do :)

Get a basket and collect them to be used in school activities. I have collected many small toys in my "trinkets basket" with the purpose of using them to teach my kids the Alphabet sounds, to create our own Alphabet train like in the Blue's Clues Alphabet Power DVD , sotring, and more.

Recently, my kids and I read a kids book called Sort it Out! by Barbara Mariconda.  It talks about sorting things out and grouping them based on their attributes such as: green, shell, rough, etc... This book made me think of a few activities we could do to learn to sort things out :) I also like the fact that at the end it has some activities for the kids to do and practice sorting items.

How does my "trinkets basket" come into play?... After we read the book and explained what Packy "The Packrat" was doing, we talked about the meaning of the words grouping and attribute. Then, we got a few blank pieces of paper and labeled them with out own attributes: square, blue, round, etc...we even made a "make your own group" label. I gave my 6 year-old 10 minutes to sort items from the basket into the different groups we had created. When the 10 minutes were up, we went over why each item belonged to each group. Also, we discussed the attribute he chose for his "make your own group." (He chose "red")
Then, as a writing activity, he made a list of the attributes that Packy used in the book and wrote down the name of small items that we had in the basket that share the attibutes from the story.

Leave a comment if you used this book and idea at home, if you have done something similar or if you just want to say HI!

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