Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Collection Binding Technique

As promised, here is a tutorial to bind a small collection of books. This will work for small books, booklets, magazines. It is so easy, economical and effective! Let's get to work! :)

These are the books we have collected from Chick-fil-a...
Since we were going on an 8 hour trip, I thought about binding them to keep them all in one place. If you hole punch them, you would have to use a heavy duty hole punch, which I don't have. Also, you run into the problem of punching out words, so I came up with an idea to bind them without hole punching the books themselves.

- Book Collection, booklet, or magazine
- Tab Punch
- Hole Punch
- Cardboard (I used cereal boxes) or Heavy Cardstock (Manila Folders)
- Permanent Adhesive
- Three Ring Binder


1. Use the tab punch to punch out a bunch of tabs out of cardboard or card-stock, about 2 to 3 tabs per book. I bought this round tab punch a while back at Hobby Lobby. It was on clearance for about $5, so I got it. I did not know what I was going to use it for, until my mom asked me to give her ideas on how to keep together several cooking magazines. So, I came up with this idea! :)

2. If you are using decorative paper or a cereal box with pictures, decide which side you would like to use. Fold tab. Use hole punch to punch out the center.
I decided to use a cereal box and keep the colorful designs showing because it was for my kids binder :)

3. Apply adhesive ONLY to the part that will be in contact with the book. If you apply adhesive to the round part, you will not be able to open the whole book or magazine very easily and the wear will be in the thinest part of the tab. It will make it very weak.

4. Place book next to the 3-ring binder, where you want to keep it, and glue the tab so that it goes in the correct ring at the level you want.

The picture on the left, shows how two tabs are holding one book at the bottom of the binder and another two tabs (which you can only see one) are holding another one at the top.

The picture on the right is an example of using two tabs to hold some comic books as well.


For our trip, I ended up using a binding machine to hole punch tabs, and to bind the collection of Chick-fil-a book we had because that is all I had on hand when I put it together this before our trip.

So, this is what the collection looks like. I used a heavy cardboard panel that came in a box from our wireless router. It worked perfectly. It was sturdy enought that the kids were able to put it in their lap and read from it. Next time I do something like this, I will get a thicker plastic comb spine.

 Remember, I like using  things I have on hand :)

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