Saturday, February 16, 2013

Easy Project: Cute Message Board Frame

Here is an easy project for you. It is very simple, fast, inexpensive and cute! Last week, I was given a picture frame without the glass that it would have been put in the trash otherwise, but I decided to recycle it and give it a second chance :) This is what I came up with:

Cute Message Board Frame


- Frame without glass (any size would work)

- Scrapbooking paper of your choice

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Gold cord (Ribbon or twine would work)

- Small clothes pins


1. Remove frame backing

2. Trace it on the back of the scrapbook paper as shown below

3. Cut scrapbook paper slightly smaller than the pencil marking
4. Place paper on top of backing, and wrap cord a couple of times and secure with a bow in the front
5. Ensamble frame
6. Use small clothes pins to hang message
7. That is it! This is what you get: a Message Board Frame. Quick and Simple :)
Now you have a cute message board to decorate your room, office or to have on hand to give out as a handmade gift. You can use it to hang a greeting card or a gift card as well :)
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