Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Kid's Craft plus Toddler Activity

Last year, after Valentine's Day I got a bunch of candy on sale, some candy I like and some I didn't like. I am not a huge fan of those Sweethearts candy, but since they were cheap, I decided to get them. I thought I could use them at some point. As I was cleaning one of the kitchen cabinets last week, I found those Sweethearts candy in the very back, so I decided to use them on a Valentine's craft and an activity for my almost 3 year old son. So this is what I came up with:

Toddler Activity: Color Matching Activity


-Deviled Eggs Serving Dish (or a dish with compartments)

-Sweetheart Candy


1. Place all of the Sweertheart candy in the middle

2. Place one heart of each color on each compartment

3. Let your toddler sort them out by color.

VALENTINE'S CRAFT: Heart Door Hanger

- Cardstock

-Craft glue


-Marker (we used red)

-A heart shape (like a cookie cutter)

-Something to hang the craft with (I use apipe cleaner)



1. Trace heart shape with pencil on cardstock

2. Outline shape with red marker

3. Put glue on the area where you want the candy to be

4. Let it dry for about 1 hour or so

5. Cut around heart

6. Tape pipe cleaner or ribbon to the back of the heart

7. Hang on door and you are DONE!

Finish Projects:

These are the door hangers my sons made:

My almost-3 year old decided to cover the whole heart with candy. (Picture on the Left)

My 7 year old decided to color the whole heart and outline it with the candy. (Picture on the right)


Hope this project inspired you to use any old candy that you have at home before your throw it away :)

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