Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cards Magazine Publications

Remember when I said that after the Carol Duvall Show I started collecting craft tools and products...well, it did not take very long to acquire plenty of things to make more professional looking cards, so I decided to look into cards submissions to magazines. I came across Cards Magazine. For Mother's Day, I had made a card for my mom and my mother-in-law that matched a category they were asking submissions for so I decided to submit the card. A couple of days after I submitted it was the deadline, and the very next day they sent me an email that said that they wanted to publish my card! I could not believe it. I got in with my very first submission!

I was publish in the Cards Magazine October 2010 issue in the Card and Envelope section.

This is the card that was published :)

Then, another one of my cards was published in the Cards Magazine July 2011 issue in the Bridal Invitation section.

This is the card that was published :)

Two out of three of my submissions have been published, not bad! :)

Being published in a magazine is another successful goal to add to my Arts and Crafts resume. I love when God blesses me this way. He truly gives you the desires of your heart when you trust in HIM! :)

Now I have decided to figure out a way to post a CARD SKETCH for you guys to use, give you some time to use it in a project, post it and vote on it. What do you think?

I think it would be cool! Stay in touch for CHCBlog first ever CARD SKETCH Challenge!

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