Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CHCBlog Card Sketch Challenge #1

So as I told you on the previous post. I decided to figure out how to post a Card Sketch Challenge. This is the CHCBlog FIRST EVER Card Sketch Challenge!!! I hope you join in :)

I will post my sketch at the beginning of the month and give one or two of my examples as inspiration. You will have all month to link in your project (I will soon figure out Facebook to link to it as well) and then there will be a drawing on the first of the following month. Does that sound good? :)

Alright... HERE WE GO!

CHCBlog Card Sketch Challenge #1

Remember, a sketch is just an idea. The circle does not have to be a circle. It should be your interpretation of this sketch. Most importantly...have fun with it! :)
Here are a couple of cards I made using this sketch.
I made this card as a gift for a friend who had a baby girl :)

I made this card as a gift for a family member :)

Alright... now is your turn. To participate use the inLinkz button below. I hope you have fun :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Questions???  Leave a comment :)
(Let me know if you have any trouble using the link)


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