Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My take on the Smash Book Trend Plus Crafting Supplies Haul for the month of July

I just now started finding out more about Smash Books...I know, I know, I jumping on this wagon a little late, but I am glad I did :) I have always loved paper, notebooks and journals. When I was in elementary, I got a pretty cool Mickey Mouse notebook for Christmas. I did not know what to use it for...to be honest I did not want to use it at all because it was so cool...anyway, I turned it into a diary now known as Smash Book :) I wrote about what was going on in my life, I glued little notes, pictures and paper keepsakes and stuff.

Now I see all that in what is called a SMASH BOOK. I have see the Smash Books at the store, but I have never actually hold one in my hands :(I have only seen them online, and since I have plenty of materials at home, I decided to make my own. So, this is my take on the Smash Book tend:

here is a picture of it :)


After much thought, I decided to make my own Handmade Junk Journal Booklet. Why is that? you may ask... Well, I am just picking up the diary/journal habit again, my craft budget is low, and I wanted something quick and small to carry with me :) I am planing on making another one that looks more like the real Smash Books, but right now this is perfect for me.
Another thing I am working on is putting together a Junk Journal kit to go with my Junk Journal Booklet. This is what I have so far...remember my crafting budget is low? Well I found some Copic pens on clearance for $5.39. I bought the Cool Gray color ones and the Sepia color ones which I am going to use as my journaling pens. Also, I found some Smash brand journaling tags (this is the only Smash product that I own) for $.82 so I bought that, too. It would have been crazy if I didn't ;)

Here are a few more things I bought as my Crafting Supplies Haul for the month of July. I will add more items to my kit and show you what I find as I find it.
I am trying out this YouTube video thing, so here is my first YouTube video that goes along with this post. In this video you can see the inside pages of my booklet. Let me know what you think :)

So far, I am very happy with my journal booklet and my start up kit ;)

Let me know if you have any questions. Please leave a comment.

Do you use the Smash Products or do you make your own?

Thank you for stopping by!

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