Friday, August 30, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Summer Clothes For Less

For today's Thrifty Thursday, I want to show you a couple of Summer outfits that I bought at JCPenny last week. Remember from my last post, you should buy clothes in the off season, well...Summer is almost over and the stores are already cleaning out their shelves to prepare for Fall/Winter, so I was lucky enough to find some shorts and shirts to wear this summer!
Shorts: Xersion - regular price $10 on clearance for $4.99
Shirts: Joe Express - regular price $8 on clearance for $3.99
$$ Explanation for 2 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts:
Subtotal: regular price $36.00 on clearance for $17.96 plus tax = $19.44
Total: $19.44
So I got 2 summer outfits (2 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts) for a total of $19.44, which is an average of $4.86 per clothing item. Not bad! :)
Let me know, on the comments below, what you have gotten on sale this week.
I hope you join me next Thursday for Thrifty Thursdays or Monday for Mix & Match Mondays! :)
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mix and Match Monday: Letterpress started kit and accessories

Happy Monday! Today's Mix & Match story is actually not from mixed and matched companies like the one from last week, but mixed and matched items bought at different times and different store locations to achieve awesome savings!
 I am going to share with you how being patience pays off.
I had seen the Letterpress machine from Quickutz at Hobby Lobby at least a couple of years ago. I thought it was pretty cool, but I did not have the budge to buy the whole kit and the accessories, so I did what I usually do...I waited :) I started looking on the clearance section at Hobby Lobby for accessories for it and guess what??? One day I found some accessories on clearance...
I found the Letterpress accessory tool kit, paper placement guides, work mat and a couple of inks...guess what? I bought it all :) A few weeks later, I went to the store again and I found some plates for $3.59. Now all I needed was the actual Letterpress kit, since I already own a Cuttlebug. So, I waited...and waited.... and waited...until...
The letterpress started kit was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for only $25.19! So, I bought it...well, actually my husband bought it for me!!! I am so excited about it!! I have used it one time and it works great! I plan to make some Christmas cards with it this year.
So my Letterpress kit includes the following items:
-Letterpress started kit: regular price $69.99 on clearance for $25.19
-Letterpress accessory tool kit: regular price $29.99 on clearance for $7.75
-Work mat: regular price $14.99 on clearance for $5.39
-Letterpress ink: regular price $ 41.94 on clearance for $10.32
-Paper placement guides: regular price $ 13.98 on clearance for $ $4.03
4 Letterpress printing plates: regular price $99.96 on clearance for $17.96
A very complete package Letterpress $256.87 for only $ 70.64
Here is the Mix & Match Video for this post

I am very happy about being able to get a Letterpress kit!
Comment below if have any tips on the Letterpress :)
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Homeschool is starting on Friday...Why???

I decided to start school on a Friday this year because it is the first time we use the ABEKA videos and I would like to go through Day 1 and have the weekend to assimilate the routine. I believe is going to be a good year! This is the second year of homeschooling for us. My oldest is starting 2nd grade and my little one is going to do 3 year old stuff! :)
Our vision for this school year is: LOL. It is not "laugh out loud" :) It stands for Listen, Obey, and Learn! and of course have fun as we do this :)
Our one word for this year is: Obedience. We need to learn, individually and as a family, to obey God and His word. I plan to put this word in practice in everything we do.
2013-2014 Schedule for 2nd grade
7 am - wake up kids / eat breakfast
8 am - start school / Spanish Class
9 am - Bible
9:20 am - review questions
9:25am - Phonics
9:40am - Seatwork Explained
9:45am - Break
10:00am - Seatwork
11:00am- Arithmetic video
12:00 pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Check Seatwork
1:15pm - Writing
1:35pm - Activity Time
2:00pm - Time to finish school
3:00pm - End of school day
This is the schedule we are going to try for a few days, but it will change because we do have a few extracurricular activities that go on during the day. Among this time, I will be doing things with my little one: Colors, Shapes, the Alphabet, Numbers, etc...
Here is a little poster of the Pledge of Allegiace I made for school this year. Click HERE to download.
Leave a comment below if you used the free download or if you have ideas for the first day of school.
Don't forget to take those first day is school pictures!
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrifty Thursdays Intro plus 1st post

I had always loved to buy clothes and shoes and keep them forever and ever until... I learned to save money and live a simple, organized life....rewind....until I learned that I needed to save money and to live a simple, organized life. I am still learning how to do this, but by the grace of God, I have improved a lot in the last several years. When my husband and I decided that is was best for me to stay home with our kids, our income cut in half and we needed to figure out a way to make it. So every dollar we had, we had to be spent it wisely. I had never realized how much money I spent without even thinking about it. Now I think about it twice before I spend my cash, but before that I had to go through a period of mind changing. I learned to see things differently and this is what I've learned:
1. Not spending money does not mean "I don't have any money or I am poor"
2. I don't have to have everything I want when I want it!
3. "Wants" and "Needs" are a different things.
4. Not spending money right NOW means SAVING for LATER.
So I decided to start a Thrifty Thursdays series to share with you guys the different things I do to save money and the things I get for less.

Here we go!!!
Thrifty Thursday post #1 : Buying Clothes
A lot of people buy clothes at a second hand stores or garage sales to spend less. I do not have a problem with that at all, but if you really think about it and have the patience for it, you can actually get brand new clothes at regular stores for very little.
The key to save money on clothes is:
1. Set a budget
2. Look for sales and clearance items
3.But most important: BUY CLOTHES OFF SEASON!!!
My Favorite Store: Kohl's
My favorite store to buy clothes is Kohl's because they carry good quality clothes, they have many sales, coupons, Kohl's cash, and now they have a rewards program.
 I have bought several clothing items for very little. I am going to show you a couple of outfits I bought at Kohls a couple of weeks ago.

I love going through the clearance racks at Kolh's. They always have things prices anywhere between 60% to 90% off. I have found awesome deals like these ones.

I found 2 shirts and one pair of blue jeans at the clearance rack.
Picture on the Left:
Shirt: Daisy Fuentes - regular price $ 38.00 on clearance for $7.60
Jeans: Vera Wang - regular price $48.00 on clearance for $9.60
Picture on the Right: Shirt: Lauren Conrad - regular price $36.00 on clearance for $3.60
$$ explanation:
Subtotal: regular price $122 on clearance for $20.80 plus tax = $22.52
Plus a $10 off coupon I already had
Total: $12.52
So I got a couple of different outfits (3 clothing items) for a total of $12.52, which is an average of $4.17 per clothing item. Not bad! :)

Let me know, on the comments below, what you have gotten on sale this week.
I hope you join me next Thursday for Thrifty Thursdays or Monday for Mix & Match Mondays! ;)

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mix and Match Monday: Martha Steward Crafts Circle Cutter Kit

As I mention before, I always try my best to buy my arts and crafts tools on a budget, especially after I stayed home with my boys and no longer had money to spend without thinking :) Everything we spend is in the budget...well we try really hard to stay inside the budget and in my opinion, we have done well for the last three years. Patience and Creativity always come in handy to stay inside the budget :)
So to share some of my findings, I decided to start a MIX & MATCH MONDAY posts to share with you my findings from Mix & Match companies to put together something useful at a lower price.
So...Here we go - MMM post# 001
On today's Mix & Match Monday story I am going to talk about the tool kit I put together for  the Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutterthat I used to personalized a Captain America Happy Birthday Banner on a previous post HERE.
A while ago, I went to Walmart and I found some blade refills for Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutter and since they were 50% off I bought them knowing that blade refills are expensive and that some day I might buy the circle cutter. So a while later, I saw Kristina from use this circle cutter for one of her cards and I loved it. I did not have any good circle cutters and this one looked like it was worth buying so I went to Hobby Lobby to see how much it was. It was $19.99 or so and with the the 40% coupon it came out to less than $15. Then, I saw a cutting mat on the clearance section that was perfect for the cutter. It was 12in x 9in, a great size for transport and it seemed very sturdy. The brand is Vantage and it was only $3.59. You can see it HERE. So for less than $20 I have a Circle Cutter kit that includes: Martha Steward Circle Cutter with the three blades that come with it plus 3 extra blades and it's own cutter self-healing mat.
Here is a quick video about my circle cutter kit and how to use the Martha Steward Circle Cutter:

Let me know what you think :)
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Have you found great deals? if so, comment below :)

**the links on this page are for you to have a better idea of the products I bought. You are more than welcome to buy these products from my amazon account, but I do not guarantee that the price will be the same as the prices I paid. Buying local is always less than buying online due to shippping costs and sales. Thank you!**

Friday, August 16, 2013

House Warming Gift: Key Holder

As I mention in this month's CHCBlog Card Sketch Challenge I used one of the pictures I took during our trip for a card as a house warming card. As soon as I finished the card, I remember that I had made a frame on a post earlier HERE and I decided to transform it to go with this card. I decided to make a key holder with it and this is what I came up with:

I used scrapbook paper for the back ground (I followed the directions as the earlier post HERE). I used blue cardstock as a mat and then orange patterned paper 1/4in smaller in the middle of the blue background.
This key holder also has a clothespin to hold reminder notes to read on your way out the door. You can use the clothes pin to hold the card you make for them :)
I used 4 hooks that I got at Home Depot to hang keys :)

I used ribbon to hang the frame. I used hot glue and then I stapled it to the frame.

It was a quick and easy project. What do you think? I think I need to make one for my house ;)
Let me know if you have any questions about this project.
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

CHCBlog Card Sketch Challenge #2 plus Quick Picture Taking Tip :)

The Card Sketch Challenge from last month was pretty cute and it was very flexible to be used for any occasion, even useful for monograms for a stationary, etc. This month's challenge is a "HYBRID" card and it was inspired by a house warming gift I needed to make for a friend of ours who just bought a house.
CHCBlog Card Sketch Challenge #2
*Remember, a sketch is just an idea. The circle does not have to be a circle. The card you make should be your interpretation of this sketch. Most importantly...have fun with it! :)
Here is the card I made with this sketch:
I decided to make a hybrid card by making a collage on PICASA of one of the pictures I took during our last trip. Remember when I said I took a bunch of pictures to use on future scrapbook pages, card, projects, etc... well, this is one of them :) I used a filter to darken the edges and I added the phrase "Mi casa es su casa."This card is simple, but I think is pretty cute :) I used an edge punch for the bottom of the card to add interest and (as you can see on the second picture) on the inside I added some colored cardstock to give the punch out area some color when the card is closed.
1. When you take a trip, make sure you take your camera to take a lot of pictures.
2. When you are taking pictures, make sure you take pictures of people when they don't know you are taking pictures to get more realistic pictures. Obviously, also take pictures of people looking directly to the camera :) This way you have more to work with when making projects with them.
3. Finally, don't forget to take pictures of the buldings, signs, banners, street names, etc... you never know when those pictures might be helpful to create something special for someone, like the picture I used for today's card :) is your turn. Feel free to make a hybrid card using this sketch.

Questions??? Leave a comment :)
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