Friday, August 23, 2013

Homeschool is starting on Friday...Why???

I decided to start school on a Friday this year because it is the first time we use the ABEKA videos and I would like to go through Day 1 and have the weekend to assimilate the routine. I believe is going to be a good year! This is the second year of homeschooling for us. My oldest is starting 2nd grade and my little one is going to do 3 year old stuff! :)
Our vision for this school year is: LOL. It is not "laugh out loud" :) It stands for Listen, Obey, and Learn! and of course have fun as we do this :)
Our one word for this year is: Obedience. We need to learn, individually and as a family, to obey God and His word. I plan to put this word in practice in everything we do.
2013-2014 Schedule for 2nd grade
7 am - wake up kids / eat breakfast
8 am - start school / Spanish Class
9 am - Bible
9:20 am - review questions
9:25am - Phonics
9:40am - Seatwork Explained
9:45am - Break
10:00am - Seatwork
11:00am- Arithmetic video
12:00 pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Check Seatwork
1:15pm - Writing
1:35pm - Activity Time
2:00pm - Time to finish school
3:00pm - End of school day
This is the schedule we are going to try for a few days, but it will change because we do have a few extracurricular activities that go on during the day. Among this time, I will be doing things with my little one: Colors, Shapes, the Alphabet, Numbers, etc...
Here is a little poster of the Pledge of Allegiace I made for school this year. Click HERE to download.
Leave a comment below if you used the free download or if you have ideas for the first day of school.
Don't forget to take those first day is school pictures!
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