Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mix and Match Monday: Martha Steward Crafts Circle Cutter Kit

As I mention before, I always try my best to buy my arts and crafts tools on a budget, especially after I stayed home with my boys and no longer had money to spend without thinking :) Everything we spend is in the budget...well we try really hard to stay inside the budget and in my opinion, we have done well for the last three years. Patience and Creativity always come in handy to stay inside the budget :)
So to share some of my findings, I decided to start a MIX & MATCH MONDAY posts to share with you my findings from Mix & Match companies to put together something useful at a lower price.
So...Here we go - MMM post# 001
On today's Mix & Match Monday story I am going to talk about the tool kit I put together for  the Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutterthat I used to personalized a Captain America Happy Birthday Banner on a previous post HERE.
A while ago, I went to Walmart and I found some blade refills for Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutter and since they were 50% off I bought them knowing that blade refills are expensive and that some day I might buy the circle cutter. So a while later, I saw Kristina from use this circle cutter for one of her cards and I loved it. I did not have any good circle cutters and this one looked like it was worth buying so I went to Hobby Lobby to see how much it was. It was $19.99 or so and with the the 40% coupon it came out to less than $15. Then, I saw a cutting mat on the clearance section that was perfect for the cutter. It was 12in x 9in, a great size for transport and it seemed very sturdy. The brand is Vantage and it was only $3.59. You can see it HERE. So for less than $20 I have a Circle Cutter kit that includes: Martha Steward Circle Cutter with the three blades that come with it plus 3 extra blades and it's own cutter self-healing mat.
Here is a quick video about my circle cutter kit and how to use the Martha Steward Circle Cutter:

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**the links on this page are for you to have a better idea of the products I bought. You are more than welcome to buy these products from my amazon account, but I do not guarantee that the price will be the same as the prices I paid. Buying local is always less than buying online due to shippping costs and sales. Thank you!**

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