Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mix Match Monday: Converse sneakers and socks combo :)

Happy Monday Everyone! For today's Mix & Match Monday I am going to show you same brand items, from two different trips to my favorite store.

I had always wanted to buy a pair of converse sneakers. I don't know much about them, but I know they look cool and they look like they are easy to wear specially if you stay home :)

This weekend was "Tax-Free Weekend" in Texas, so we went shopping at Kohl's...I love Kohl's!!!

When we got to the store I just thought... "maybe I can get some converse today", but did not think much about it. So we look for clothes for my husband and kids, then we went to the shoe department. I went to the clearance section and what did I find?...A PAIR OF CONVERSE SNEAKERS in PINK. There was only one pair! so I tried it on and IT WAS THE RIGHT SIZE so I just had to get them. When I looked at the price I liked them even more. They were only $11.00!!! You can't beat that price.

When we got home, my husband changed his mind about a few items he got. So, the next day I went back to Kohl's and returned the items. I never mind going back to exchange items, because it gives me a change to browse the store again :) With that said, I found a few items for myself including a few pairs of CONVERSE SOCKS! for only $2.40 per 3 pairs, so I got 6 pairs for $4.80. You can't beat that either! 

In conclusion...this is what I got at Kohl's

-1 pair of CONVERSE sneakers: regular price $55.00 on clearance for $11.00
-6 pairs of CONVERSE socks: regular price $24.00 on clearance for $4.80

A combo of sneakers and socks
$79.00 for only $15.80

80% off regular price, pretty good deal, right?

Well it gets even better....but you will have to wait until this week's THRIFTY THURSDAYS post to see how these items were actually only $1.64 per item with the rest of the items I bought and the reward points, coupons and discounts I had. 

See you Thursday!!!

Did you get good deals this weekend?

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