Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I love shopping at HEB! They carry everything I can think of and always have excellent deals. Coupons or not, I always get what I need for a very good price. 

I wanted to let you guys know about HEB MEAL DEALS. 

Have you heard of the HEB MEAL DEALS? They are great deals to prepare a full meal. Usually a main dish and a side item. You save a ton of money by buying the items they indicate to buy and getting 5 or so extra items for FREE. 

This is how it works:

Thru 08/04/15 if you buy 2 Honeysuckle White Fresh Ground Turkey, 93% Lean, 16 oz. 

You get 5 items for FREE:

HEB organics mustard 9oz.
Grill Mates Hamburger Seasoning 2.75 oz.
 2L 7up soda
HEB Hamburguer Buns 8ct.
HEB Sweet Potato Fries, 20oz. 

Is this MEAL DEAL worth it??? Let see.

Honeysuckle White Fresh Ground Turkey $3.42 x 2 = $6.84

HEB Organics Mustard $1.50
Grill Mates Hamburger Seasoning $1.00
7up 2L $1.77
Hamburger Bun $1.78
Sweet Potato Fries $2.78

Total = $15.67 for only $6.84
only 86 cents per MEAL!

Not bad for a healthy turkey sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. We will be eating this soon! :)

Would you like to get this deal for less? 

Well, there is a way...have you heard of IBOTTA?

IBOTTA is an app that you download, answer a couple of questions about a product you purchased, upload your receipt and you earn money. 

This week, IBOTTA had a rebate on this particular ground turkey and also the Grill Mates Seasoning. 
So, I uploaded my receipt and I received $1.75!

So this MEAL DEAL was only: $5.09 making it .64 cents per MEAL!

What a deal!

Let me know if you like HEB MEAL DEALS or if you have any questions. 

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Monday, July 13, 2015

"Cow Appreciation Day 2015" at Chick-Fil-A ...July 14!

Well "Cow Appreciation Day" seems to be an important day. It seems like getting ready for this event, gives me a reason to post on my blog :) I cannot believe how fast time is passing by! It has been a whole year since I posted something and a whole lot of things have happened!

I hope that I can get my life organized enough to dedicate more time to my blog...we shall see. In the mean time I will tell you what my kids and I are wearing for "Cow Appreciation Day" 2015.

This is the 4th year we dress up for this event. We made our very first costume in 2012 and we added a few accessories the following years. This year we had to make a new one because my kids have outgrown the old ones.

You can read more about Cow Appreciation Day 2012 HERE, 2013 HERE, 2014 HERE

We decided to keep the signs we made in 2013. I am very surprised how
they survived two years laying around the kids room and a recent move. I so glad I found them. 

We made new cow shirts similar to the ones from 2012, but this time we used a couple of old white shirts that my husband was going to get rid of. I wanted to make something that is going to fit as the kids grow. This time the shirts will cover their shorts, but I hope we can use them for the next few years.


1. We started by cutting the sleeves off to make it look more like a vest and placed some kraft paper inside it. This will prevent the paint to bleed to the other side of the shirt. 

2. Next, I used a sharpie to mark where the spot were going to be. You can find my spots template HERE. Then, the kids filled the spots with black paint using a foam brush.

It is not perfect, but it will work :) 

We decided to write the famous saying "Eat Mor Chikin" on the back of the shirt.

We will work on our hat and that is what we will be wearing tomorrow.

Are planning on going to Chick-Fill-A tomorrow? What are you wearing? 
Let me know in a comment below :)

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